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ManiFeste-2016, the Academy - a meeting place

  • When Igor Stravinsky composed his most famous piece, The Rite of Spring, he was a young thirty years-old man living in Paris. More than a hundred years after this near-riot premiere, Paris is still a breeding ground for young musicians and IRCAM, located in front and under the Stravinsky Fountain, is one of main centers of this avant-garde music life. Every year, from the middle of June to the beginning of July, ManiFeste Academy  welcomes young composers, performers and auditors from all around the world for two weeks of intensive contemporary music immersion. This is an amazing opportunity for these talented youngsters to meet new people with different backgrounds, as well as people from other fields.


    Stravinsky Fountain and IRCAM  


    ManiFeste-2016, the Academy proposes a series of composition and interpretation workshops, in which the students will complete their piece and perfect their playing under the supervision of renowned composers and performers, but also meet each other. Student composers in the chamber music and conducted ensemble composition workshops will be able to enrich their piece through contact with other students of the workshop. Likewise the four participants of the composition workshop In Vivo Electro will take advantage of what Mauro Lanza called a “group emulation” in their improvisations. Steven Schick’s master class emphasizes this collaborative dimension by working on percussion ensemble pieces, where young musicians from different countries and musical background will play works together from both classical contemporary music repertoire and new pieces created for the occasion by student composers. 


    Seongmi Kim and Guillaume Tiger during In Vivo Electro rehearsal in March

    ©Natacha Moënne-Loccoz


    ManiFeste-2016, the Academy is not only about meeting new musicians and composers, but also discovering other performers from other fields of art, in relation to music. This transdisciplinary idea is at the heart of the two In Vivo workshops. During In Vivo Dance, the young professional ensemble Soundinitiative will work with dancers from CND Camping under the guidance of choreographer Xavier Le Roy, rediscovering musical gesture in light of dance movement. In Vivo Electro will bring together four electronic composer students and four circus artists, under the supervision of Mauro Lanza and Jérôme ThomasFor the first time, the ManiFeste festival is linked with an exposition in Centre Pompidou Un Art Pauvre; the concert Un Art Pauvre will feature two computer music designer students from CREAMA in South Korea



    ©Natacha Moënne-Loccoz



    The context of the Academy is perfect for discoveries, meetings and cultural enrichment: summer in Paris, talented young people, the world-famous ManiFeste. As professor Robert Hasegawa puts it: “there’s something unique about combining immersion in a new culture with so much exposure to contemporary music: the experience of getting accustomed to a new city and new ways of doing things creates a real openness to new artistic experiences as well”. Each year since 2012, he brings a student group to Paris for a musical study trip as auditors in the Academy. The international exchange organisation CIEE also proposes a summer contemporary music creation program for students to be a part of this cultural adventure in Paris. Like them, a lot of auditors from all over the world join the Academy and take advantage of this artistic emulation, turning IRCAM into a fascinating hotbed for young contemporary music talents.


    You can still be one of them!

    Candidate until May 19 and become an auditor for ManiFeste-2016, the Academy.


    June, 8 to August, 29 @ Centre Pompidou

    Un Art Pauvre Exposition


    June, 8, 8:30pm @Centre Pompidou

    Un Art Pauvre Concert


    June, 25, 5pm @ Centre Pompidou

    Mixed-Music Program Concert


    June, 29, 9pm @ CENTQUATRE

    Percussion Night 2. Tutti

    Concert: Percussion Master Class with Steven Schick


    June, 30, 7pm @ Centre Pompidou

    In Vivo Danse-Camping / Xavier Le Roy


    July, 1, 7pm @ CENTQUATRE

    Concert: Chamber Music Composition Workshop


    July, 1, 9pm @ CENTQUATRE

    Concert: Conducted Ensemble Composition Workshop


    July, 2, 6pm @ CENTQUATRE

    Concert In Vivo Electro Workshop



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