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ManiFeste-2016, the Academy – in the Spotlight: Philippe Leroux

  • Music journalist Pierre Gervasoni once saidlisten to Philippe Leroux’s music if you want to be ahead of your time”ManiFeste gives you the opportunity to take a step toward the future by attending one of his major works, Voi(rex) (2002), and the premiere Postlude à l’épais (2016), while the Academy invites the famous French composer for a composition workshop with eight students and the Ensemble intercontemporain. His work for percussions De la vitesse (2001) will also be studied as part of Steven Schick’s master class, during which Philippe Leroux will supervise two young student composers.





    As one of the most important composers in contemporary music, Philippe Leroux is the author of more than seventy works that include symphonies, vocal, electronic and chamber music. His music is strongly influenced by the idea of movement and the transformation process that leads from one sound figure to another. The titles of the works that make up his trilogy Continuo(ns) (1994), (d’)Aller (1995) and Plus loin (2000), which come together to make the sentence “Continuons d’aller plus loin” (let’s keep going further) emphasize this focus on movement. This can also be seen in the final words of Voi(rex), pronounced by Philippe Leroux himself thanks to electronics: “Cependant le travail continue vers l’inachevé” (however work goes on toward the unfinished). This transformation process is also important in his work De la vitesse, where the composer arises the question of, as he puts it, “how to go from one state of sound material to another while maintaining a continuity between one and the other”.



    Voi(rex) sketches, movement 2



    Philippe Leroux is not only a renowned composer, but also an enthusiastic teacher who passes on his knowledge in music and composition through articles, in which he develops a reflection toward his own music, and several lectures and courses all around the world. Though he is now teaching composition at McGill University, he was associated composer of IRCAM Computer Music Composition Cursus from 2001 to 2006, and some of the composers performed during ManiFeste-2016, like Jérôme Combier or Francesco Filidei, are Leroux’s former students: come and discover their music during the concert Arte Povera: musique de chamber, June 30. Thus, Philippe Leroux has a strong relation with IRCAM and several of his major works were made in collaboration with the Institute’s computer music designers, like Voi(rex) with Frédéric Voisin, Apocalypsis (2006) with Alexis Baskind and Quid sit musicus ? (2014) with Gilbert Nouno. The Academy students will have the opportunity to take advantage of Philippe Leroux’s advices, kindness and open-mindedness, and will have access to many information about him at IRCAM multimedia library and on IRCAM platforms Medias and Brahms.




    Quid sit musicus? score composed with paper tonnetz






    June, 29, 9pm @ CENTQUATRE

    Percussion Night 2. Tutti with De la vitesse

    July, 1, 9pm @ CENTQUATRE

    Concert Conducted Ensemble Composition Workshop

    July, 2, 9pm @ Centre Pompidou

    Final, with Postlude à l’épais and Voi(rex)




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    Concerts, lectures, interviews, audio: medias.ircam.fr




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