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ManiFeste 2015 - the Academy - In the Spotlight Christian Rizzo

     This year, ManiFeste has invited some of greatest names of contemporary music as well as influential artists from other fields. The choreographer and stage designer Christian Rizzo is one of them. His work has been hugely successful, such as in 2014 with his choreography entitled D’après une histoire vraie presented during the Festival d'Avignon.


    Christian Rizzo is involved in the In Vivo Electro Composition Workshop. Rizzo, the sound artist Scanner, and the lighting designer Caty Olive will lead the workshop together. Their desire is that workshop be a true experiment where the outcome is unknown. The idea is to keep minds open and have ideas circulate among all participants: young composers, IRCAM computer music designers (Thomas Goepfer and Olivier Pasquet), the sound engineer (Mélina Avenati), Rizzo, Scanner, and Olive. Christian Rizzo is used to mixing arts from very different fields and his own oeuvre consists not only of choreography, but also of stage design and performance. Surprisingly, he started his career in a rock band and designed a clothing line, after which he studied fine arts at the Villa d'Arson in Nice, then unexpectedly branched out into dance. During the In Vivo Electro Workshop, he hopes to inspire the young composers and impart his transversal vision of creation. This will also be a challenge for them, as they will have to compose with other arts they are not familiar with: stage and light design.



    © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


    The In Vivo Electro Workshop will also raise questions about the definition of a work of art. During this workshop, Rizzo, Scanner, and Caty Olive asked the composers not to listen to Chopin and Satie's Nocturnes again before the workshop so that they can focus on the impact they have on memory: the idea is not to rewrite Chopin and Satie of course!

    Rizzo likes also to think about the relationship between anonymity and artistic practices. A lot of dances are in fact more heritage than a creation. According to him, the Chopin and Satie’s Nocturnes are very well known pieces and they became, in a way, anonymous too. Moreover the participants of the academy will have to cooperate: each of them has to compose a piece but also to invent and create a coherent show all together. In that way, they will share and take advantage from all the knowledge of all the participants.


     Rizzo’s transversal vision of arts of makes of him the perfect tutor for the In Vivo Electro Workshop. He already collaborated in the past with artists such as Scanner. He maintains his love for working in several artistic fields. He has performed with numerous contemporary choreographers including Mathilde Monnier, Hervé Robbe, Mark Tompkins, and Georges Appaix. He even created soundtracks and costumes for them! Rizzo also worked regularly with Taiwanese artists, such as Iuan-hau Chiang who made virtual images for his choreography "ad noctum", a tribute to the night that makes him think of Chopin's nocturnes... here comes the initial idea for In Vivo Electro!

    Extrait du spectacle "ad noctum"

    Since 2015, he has been the director of the choreographic centre Montpellier/Languedoc Roussillon. Here again, he wants to modernize and transform the choreographic centre into an international centre that brings creation, transmission and formation together.


    July, 1: In Vivo Electro Workshop


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