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CONDUCTING COURSE - Divertimento Ensemble

  • Conducting Course - repertoire for ensemble from early 20th century to the present day
    XIII edition

    9th - 16th September, 2017
    Moncalvo, Asti ITALY 

    Teacher: Sandro Gorli
    Tutor: Marco Di Bari
    Instrumental ensemble: Divertimento Ensemble

    The student application must be received by April 30, 2017 to the following e-mail address: idea@divertimentoensemble.it




    György Ligeti Aventures for voices and ensemble (1962)
    Luciano Berio Folk Songs for soprano and ensemble (1964)
    Marco Di Bari Sea’s widows, Nésas Séknus for soprano and ensemble
    Brian Ferneyhough Flurries for ensemble (1997)

    Course structure

    The course comprises eigth lesson days, from September 9th to 16th 2017, structured as follows:
    Sept. 9 – six hours dedicated to an analysis of the scores in the programme
    Sept. 10 / Sept. 13 – six rehearsal hours followed by two hours of work review
    Sept. 14 – four rehearsal hours followed by the master class held by Marco Di Bari
    Sept. 15 – six rehearsal hours followed by two hours of work review
    Sept. 16 – dress rehersal and first concert at Moncalvo Theatre
    Sept. 17 – concert at Tenuta Santa Caterina in Grazzano Badoglio
    Sept. 18 – concert at Archivio di Stato in Asti
    Sept. 20 – concert at Litta Theatre in Milan

    From September 14 onwards the composer Marco Di Bari will attend, as tutor, the reharsals of his composition.
    The concerts will be performed within the Rondò 2017 concert season and will be conducted by different students.

    The Course will be realized in synergy with the master class for vocal chamber repertoire from the second half of the 1900s to the present day (teacher Alda Caiello, Call for Young Performers 2017 / Voice, Piedmont, September 4 to 16, 2017). The repertoire for voice and ensemble of the master class and the one of the conducting course are the same: the singers, selected among those who will partecipate in the masterclass, will work (and perform in the concerts) together with the musicians of Divertimento Ensemble and the conductors of the conducting course.