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Application call: IN VIVO DANSE/CAMPING Alessandro Sciarroni

  • The Italian choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni will join ManiFeste-2017, the academy for a workshop on his research project « Augusto » that combines choreography and musical performance. With 20 dancers/performers and 4 composers/musicians, the workshop focuses on the creation of a “score” that is both vocal and physical, based on sounds, vibrations, and the movements of a laughing human body. The dancers/performers must be ready to explore their hyper-expressivity using their bodies and voices. The composers/musicians will contribute via the creation of purely electronic music using the sounds produced on stage by the performers (voice processing, motion capture, sonification of the body). Together, they will compose a simple score the performers can interpret on stage with their bodies and voices in a creative process based on experimentation and improvisation.

    Application call open until February 1 on Ulysses platform.


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