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  • The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, a partner of the Ulysses Network, is pleased to announce an audition for young singers from Europe to participate in the EPCC educational workshops and projects during the 2017/2018 season. The deadline for applying is 1 April, and feedback will be given to all applicants no later than 15 May. The invitation is for singers from all voice groups, up to a maximum age of 35. The duration of the project will be 3-15 October 2017.

    The EPCC will cover travel expenses to and accommodation costs in Estonia.


    We offer:

    ⁃    Participation in the preparation and performances of the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom by Sergei Rachmaninov together with the world famous EPCC,

    ⁃    Individual and group coaching (including repertoire, singing technique, Russian pronunciation classes),

    ⁃    Introduction to Estonian music culture: a lecture organized by the Estonian Academy of Music.

    We are looking for young (up to a maximum age of 35) professional singers (students, post-graduates) who are seeing their professional future in the choral or ensemble worlds. Four (4) international candidates and four (4) students from the Estonian Music Academy will be chosen for the project.


    Applicants are required to provide the following letters and recordings:

    1. A short motivational letter,

    Fill in application form here


    2. One recording of their own choosing of a solo vocal piece,


    3. Vocalises download here


    4. fragments of Alfred Schnittke’s “Penitential Verses“ download here

    Soprano - Part 3, bars 1-21 (p. 8),

    Alto - Part 7, bars 1-21 (pp. 20-21),

    Tenor - Part 3, bars 1-21 (p. 8), 

    Bass - Part 7, bars 71-81 Baritone line (pp. 24-25),

    *The singers are allowed to sing their part using a freely-chosen vowel; the use of the Russian text is not compulsory. 


    • Documents must be in English and in PDF format.
    • Sound files must be MP3 either AAC files.
    • Upload the sound files on pCloud:
    • Vocalises here
    • Schnittke here

    • Solo piece of own choosing here

      • Give each recording clearly-enunciated names, starting with your family name. For instance, if your family name is Jones, name the files “Jones vocalise”, “Jones Schnittke”, “Jones (title of your own choice)”, etc.

      Links to video recordings are welcome (put the links in the application form)


      Recommended software for combining vocalises

      If using Windows or Mac OS, try Audacity.

      • If you are using Windows 10, and Audacity is not working as expected, an alternative is Sound Editor, which you can download from the Windows App store.
      • When trying to open Audacity on Mac OS X systems, your computer may not allow you to open it for security reasons. To override this, click on the Audacity program icon while holding the “control” button, and click “open”. It may now prompt you to fill out your username and password, after which Audacity should start running.


      Any further information: email epcc@epcc.ee / phone +372 56262555


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