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Welcome to the ULYSSES Community platform, a one-stop website designed for young artists and organizations active in the field of new music.

This tool aims to offer a complete overview of what is going on in contemporary creation today, and has been designed to meet the specific need of institutions and artists in the field of new music. Learn more by reading our Mission Statement!

  • ManiFeste-2016, the Academy – The First week!

    Tens of young talented people talking in English, French, German about music, dance, circus: no doubt, ManiFeste-2016, the Academy has begun. On Monday, 20th, active participants and auditors arrived at IRCAM and got to know each other. Then setting up and rehearsals started at IRCAM, CENTQUATRE, Ce...
  • ManiFeste-2016, the Academy – Interview of Mikhail Malt

    In 1924, the Italian composer Ottorino Respighi created the symphonic poem Pini di Roma in which he added, during the third movement, a nightingale’s song recorded on a disc. For one of the very first time, electronics were not only used to listen to music, but to make it: the gramophone ...
  • ManiFeste-2016, the Academy – Scientific events

    What is the difference between an angry bear and a C#? None, according to our brain. Coming across a bear in a forest will make our heart rates increase to get ready to fight, our body sweat to regulate our temperature and get ready to run, our mouth shout, in a sudden ancient reflex to warn our kin...
  • ManiFeste-2016, the Academy – in the Spotlight: Beat Furrer

    When he was young, Beat Furrer hesitated between committing himself to visual arts or to music. In his hometown of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, where he first studied piano, he also discovered contemporary art and movements such as the Arte Povera, with which he still feels very close. ManiFeste-2016 ...
  • The Ensemble intercontemporain in ManiFeste-2016, the Academy

    If you were lucky enough to attend ManiFeste, the Academy last year as a member of the audience, a student, or an auditor, you certainly saw the Ensemble intercontemporain performing. And for good reason: the Ensemble, also know as EIC, has been the never-fallible partner of the Academy since its cr...
  • ManiFeste-2016, the Academy – in the Spotlight: Rebecca Saunder

    Have you ever heard music that sounds like an arrow? Or more precisely like the whistling of the plume that steers an arrow? Here is what Rebecca Saunders made with her piece Fletch (2012), inspired by “the physical gesture of the bow which shoots the sound into the space”, to be perform...
  • ManiFeste-2016, the Academy – Music and Stage

    “I compose the choreography during daytime with the entire team and at night, I work alone on the music composition” said Thierry De Mey about the setting up of his new piece, Simplexity, to be premiered in France during ManiFeste-2016. The oppositions that he embodies between stage...
  • ManiFeste-2016, the Academy – in the Spotlight: Jérôme Thomas

    What do balls, clubs, hoops, plumes, stools or plastic bags all have in common? They are objects the circus artist Jérôme Thomas can juggle with. The famous French artist, who revolutionized the art of juggling in France and in Europe, will be part of ManiFeste-2016, the Academy. He wil...
  • ManiFeste-2016, the Academy - a meeting place

    When Igor Stravinsky composed his most famous piece, The Rite of Spring, he was a young thirty years-old man living in Paris. More than a hundred years after this near-riot premiere, Paris is still a breeding ground for young musicians and IRCAM, located in front and under the Stravinsky Founta...
  • ManiFeste-2016, The Academy - in the Spotlight- Mauro Lanza

    Who said contemporary music has to be serious? Who said humour should be banned from concert halls? Certainly not Mauro Lanza, who composes works full of surprises, irony and sometimes sick humour, in which sublime mixes with obscene, flutes with hairdryers, voices with whoopee cushions. On the occa...